About Us
Our Philosophy
Our philosophy is as simple as our name - to do good.
 We donate 10% of our proceeds to different charities, this month being Lady Musgrave Foundation - a charity for homeless women and children in Australia.

Our books are continuously donated to numerous charities, such as UNICEF and educational facilities, in Australia, Nepal and in the Pacific, especially Barbara's childhood country of Papua New Guinea via a charity company - Books For PNG Kids.

Barbara volunteers monthly for organizations helping disadvantaged children, all while working for Disability Services, spending time with her family and running Do Good Lifestyle on the side. She does this to inspire others to also do good, for yourself and for the world. No matter how time deprived you may seem - helping yourself and others is more then worth it!
We are a socially aware, community based, positive lifestyle business helping our clients and their families develop their physical and mental health by doing good. We do this through Aromatherapy, Massage, Meditation, Creative Art Work, writing Positive Children's Books, and Yoga for Adults and Children with Disabilities.
"We all need to respect not only our mother earth, but also ourselves, and that starts with our own self awareness." 
Barbara, the founder of Do Good Lifestyle has worked in the  Disability and Aromatherapy / Massage industry for over seventeen years, and believes strongly in the therapeutic effects of massage therapy and meditative based education to aid in the alleviation of mental and physical stress.
She encourages a lifestyle of doing good, whether that means changing negative habits to more positive ones around our social, mental, physical, health and well-being areas, to self sustainability knowledge and pursuing acts of kindness, to help create a healthier environment for ourselves and for the planet.
As an author, Barbara's books focus on connecting young readers with nature and encouraging positive thinking. Her books have been internationally recognized, positively reviewed by the US Review of Books, and awarded a gold star for literary excellence from Trafford Publishing.